MY LUMENS TECHNOLOGY is a professional manufacturer of far UVC healthcare devices, providing ODM service and have our own brand–MY LUMENS® for far UVC disinfection products which are equipped with Care222®. There’re disinfection lunar device, disinfection downlight device, and disinfection pendent light  device etc. In the coming future, more healthcare products equipped with Care222® will be developed.

Website of faruvclite.com is for marketing of far UVC healthcare products, and the official website of MY LUMENS is: www.my-lumens.com, please visit this website to know more about MY LUMENS.

Started from 2006, and over ten years cooperation with Japanese customers, MY LUMENS is a sino-Japanese company, and an industry-leading high-tech innovation company that continuously provides customers with optical solutions, which are based on leading optical technology. And we mainly involve in three sectors: human health optics, biomedical spectrum and UVC bactericidal spectrum.

• The main products:
(1)Energy-saving and high luminous efficiency LED indirect lighting product based on FURUKAWA materials from Japan.
(2)Customized biometric specum lighting products for health.
(3)Far UVC healthcare products equipped with  Care222® of USHIO Inc., which could be used in occupied spaces.

The Products are widely used in the business places and offices of famous brands and companies around the world, as well as in the lighting of various institutions and places, such as schools, hospitals, offices of business buildings, etc. And special spectrum technology has been applied to plant cultivation, animal growth, fresh food lighting, human body regulation lighting, environmental sterilization and so on.

We will always be committed to create more values for customers!

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Our Team


Managing Director

Care222 team member

Hiroyuki Takahashi

Sales Director(Japanese)

Care222 team member


Quality Consultant(Japanese)

Kevin Zhang

Sales Director

Li Fusheng

Department of R&D Manager

Liu Yinshan

Department of Production Manager

Xia Xuesong

Department of Quality Manager

Our Main Business

MY LUMENS mainly involve in three sectors: Human health optics, Biomedical spectrum and UVC bactericidal spectrum.

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